Who are we?


Dr. Chris Zimmermann is a FOSS fanatic, communist (sometimes) and expert on esoteric software aspects how to configure Mail Transfer Agents while not carving in to insanity, troubleshoot computer networks without the use of recreational drugs and the advanced enjoyment of craft beverages. He mostly lives in Frankfurt, Germany. In contrast to Mr. Visser the size of his brain has a reverse correlation to the size of his head.


Martin Visser is a slightly less egocentric (actually far from egocentric) computer scientist and engineer, non-communist from Birmingham, UK. In contrast to Dr. Zimmermann, he has human interaction and social protocols down to a fine art.

Why another FOSS podcast?

For those who use any means of transport on a regular basis it is a great way to stimulate the brain.

Others have come before us, tried and failed to achieve this level.

What's in it for me?

Great entertainment

Invaluable tech tips helping with aspects of everday life including the proper recital of Vogon poetry in that worst-case scenario that Brexit finally shadows the Vogons’ landing and how to take care of the proper biological foundation for recreational drugs

A chance to feedback your comments. Glowing ones will be published, others ignored.

The opportunity to request expert knowledge and discussion on a topic of your choice!

What's in it for the Inlaws?

The impending fame and successful broadcasting careers (Martin’s vision) play a small part in this decision.

Which is of course totally overshadowed by the reason of world domination. Donations are encouraged. Ideally in liquid wheat brew format (of course rye, barley, spelt and other assorted grains go as well).

How to get up and running?

  • Pick an open source operating system of choice that features a decent package management system (unless you’re really technical and know what you’re doing) and is Posix-compliant In this instance Ubuntu 19.10 was the unlucky candidate
  • Install Mumble Server: sudo apt-get install mumble-server
  • Minimal configuration of Mumble Server /etc/mumble-server.ini
  • Check the port 64738 and open this on your server firewall as well as add it to your router’s port forwarding
  • Set serverpassword so people with it can self-register
  • Install mumble client on your device of choice
  • Do many tests to get the audio settings correct. These will vary per OS.
  • Record your friendly podcast through mumble
  • Get some really cool music licensed under CC-BY(-SA) from places like Jamendo
  • Edit the recording and add music to it using Audacity
  • Upload to HPR
  • Create associated website using markdown and pandoc
  • Watch it go viral (the important bit!)
  • The kit?

  • One home server running Ubuntu 19.10 with mumble-server and Synapse (a reference implementation) of the federated protocol known as Matrix for comms
  • One cheap bit of kit running somewhere in Germany at a snails pace (Martin’s opinion before the D-Wave upgrade - little did he know :-)) => much patience is required attempting to use this
  • Two laptops for remote access, running a Murmur client (typically Mumble itself), Audacity and various text editors in addition to riot-web or another Matrix / Synapse client
  • Two MPow USB headsets
  • The Episodes

    All episodes are hosted on Hacker Public Radio for now.

    • S01E01: How this shit works A short summary of life, the world and the technical basics of podcasting in general. You have been warned!
    • S01E02: FOSDEM shenanigans What happened after the episode and @ FOSDEM.
    • S01E03: 32 Bit Time Travel Martin and Chris discuss a current IT security challenge, shed more light on time travel using 32 bits only and struggle with Mumble.
      • More info on the Kr00k vulnerability including a list of affected devices
      • The kernel wireless wiki has a list of devices and their drivers
      • Two LWN articles discuss the general problem of 32 bit time-keeping in Linux and friends and the state of things
      • The following C code snippet demonstrates the issue at hand (requires a 32 bit system :-):
        #include <time.h>
        #include <stdio.h>
        int main(int argc, char* argv[]) {
          for (unsigned long j = 0x80000000-5; j < 0x80000005; j++) {
            struct tm tim;
            gmtime_r((time_t *) &j, &im);
            printf("%d\t%x\t%s", j, j, asctime(&tim));
          return 0;
    • S01E04: What's in a name After a short rant about Mozilla's intention to optionally block HTTP-only traffic in an upcoming release of this browser, the two OAPs explain how the podcast came about, where they got their inspiration from and what's in stock. The show concludes with Tech Support from the Dark Side, a new hotline dedicated to helping politicians and other users in need of computer support to cope with reality.
    All content licensed under CC-BY-SA</img


    Joking aside, we do appreciate feedback. So please email us at feedback@linuxinlaws.eu

    Or talk to us at various open source events!



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    while (!deck.isInOrder()) {
        print 'Iteration ' + i;
    print 'It took ' + i + ' iterations to sort the deck.';



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    Name Description Price
    Item One Ante turpis integer aliquet porttitor. 29.99
    Item Two Vis ac commodo adipiscing arcu aliquet. 19.99
    Item Three Morbi faucibus arcu accumsan lorem. 29.99
    Item Four Vitae integer tempus condimentum. 19.99
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